How to install?

  How to maintain?

 How to get a quote?

 Where to buy locally?

  What kind of coach suit to install?

  Can we buy with seat?

  Safety Approval?

 Product guarantee?

 Is it only be installed in bus manufacturer?

 Can the image & music system receive the TV signal?

 Is the screen easy damaged?

  Is the earphone easy damaged or stolen? 


How to install?
    We’ll appoint a technician to bus manufacturer (body builder/ workshop) to install product. If it’s involved with seat instillation,
      we will offer drawings to seat maker for required space reservation in advance.

How to maintain?
We can provide a completed training course for your maintenance staff. In addition, all of our products are designed with easy
     maintenance. The failure rate is very low.

How to get a quote?
     Since the price depends on the seat count and channels, please fill your requirements into our list. here

Where to buy in local?
     Currently we do not offer retail service because our products are customized to meet customer’s requirements. We offer the
     best after-service. Please contact with area representative here or us directly.

What kind of coach suit to install?
     We suggest installing our products in new or retrofitting coaches.

Could multi-channel audio system be applied to CRT (TFT LCD) TV?
     Yes, 5 channels as maximum. Customers can choose 1 or 2 channels to broadcast audio of video through headphone or
     chair speaker.

Safety Approval?
     CE mark approval.

Product guarantee?
     We offer one year guarantee for all of our products after installation. 

Do we install TV only at bus manufacturer?

i)  When placing order, please inform bus manufacturer that you need to install TV so that we can provide related information of TV wiring and seat installation to assist bus manufacturer to install TV.

ii)  Fleet also can order to us directly, the installation place can be appointed by customer.

Can the image & music system be received the TV signal ? 

i)  Yes, The TV can receive the signal because it is designed similar to home TV. Due to coach is a moving platform; you will
need to install special equipment, like digital TV set-top box. 

ii)  Please note the digital TV set-top box receiver should be supported by local TV Company.  

Is the monitor easy damaged? 

We design against transit coaches。For example: we will install the anti-explosion glass to cover the screen to avoid outside force
so it’s not easy to break the screen under normal condition. We also reinforce the outside cover and no sharp angle design for
safety consideration. 

Is the headphone easy damaged or stolen ? 

At moment, some of our customers use disposable earphone but the tone quality is not very ideal, some of our users will offer headphone to passengers on board and passengers return when take off.